Jonathan & Michael Mulder at “Be ready for Den Haag’s first team- Successful coach is Van De Schip”


The Ado Den Haag footballer Jonathan and Michael Mulder talked to and  Antonis Moustakas for their first football steps and their goals.

They also talked about  the coach of the national team of Greece John Van De Schip. They also have been questioned how they felt when they didn’t  “shake the hands”, because the coronavirus,  when they signed with Ado Den Haag

They referred to their trainer Noordin Wooter who played with Panathinaikos and Ajax.

They also talked about the Greek footballers who participate to Eredivisie, and if they watch the Greek Super League and which Greek teams they know.

Finally, they send their own message to Greek people for the coronavirus and the very difficult situation we all live.

“Διαβάστε εδώ τη συνέντευξη στα ελληνικά”


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Which are your personal  goals or those regarding your team Ando de Haag?

“We have been hired to play for Ado Den Haag U23. So our goal is to develop ourselves with the help of the staff and put a good performance on the pitch in the second team, so will get our chance to move up to the first team. As we are both youngsters 18 and 19 years, we have some time ready for the first team as soon as possible”.

How did Ando de Haag’s interest come about?

“We have played in the highest youth leagues in the Netherlands for the last 4 years, so we have been on their radar for a couple of years. As the Dutch soccer association will change the set-up of the youth competitions, ADO took their change and approached us both”.

What’s your opinion about Alan Pardew’s termination of the contract with Ado?

“I have no opinion because he was never my coach I look forward to the new coach Maurice Steijn”.

How did you feel in your first participation with the Israeli National Team?

“The interest of the National team of Israel is because we have a dual nationality because we lived for 10 years in the country because of the work of my father. The invitation give us the valuable experience of playing international games. Our ultimate goal is of course to play for The Netherlands”.

When did you take your first football steps?

“We started soccer when we were 5 years old at a soccer kids club from Nissim Cohen, a famous Israeli soccer player. Since then we have trained in private with many top trainers, among them Nordin Wooter, a former Champions League winner with Ajax”.

Both of you are playing defensive positions .How did you decided it?Jonathan, did you ,as older,  influence your brother  to play in the same position with you in order to  collaborate together in the defensive lines?

«Actually, we are both defensive midfielders, but we can also play as central defenders. We do watch and analyze our games afterwards and analyze together what we can do better».

Jonathan, you were a very young member of the AZ academies, how would you describe your experience there?

Jonathan: “The AZ youth academy is absolutely fantastic, all you need they have! They try to teach you a lifestyle that is needed to reach the absolute top. I think I am ready now to “fly”on my own and make big steps. But in the end it is all about your intrinsic motivation to become a top player”.

Michael, you played for Utrecht U19 and then moved to Maccabi Petah Tikva U19,which  are the main differences between the two academies?

Michael: “The main difference is that in The Netherlands soccer is based on your technical skills, then tactical skills and then your physics. In Israel your physics becomes first. There is not a lot of attention on your personal technical skills”.

Which are, in your opinion, your point of strength and weakness that you want to improve?

“We are both highly technical skilled players with a very good physical ability. This is a very good basis to develop as a player in future”.

Which players are your role models?

Michael: “I love the way Kante is playing”

Jonathan: “My favorite player is Frenkie de Jong”.

As you know, the federal coach of Greek National Team is Van de Sip, what’s your opinion?

“John Van De Schip is a famous person here in The Netherlands. He played with Gullit, van Basten en Rijkaard, was very close to Johan Cruyff and also made a career as a successful coach”.

Which other Greek teams do you know?

“We do not see Greek soccer here on television, but we know several clubs, like Panathinaikos, Olympiakos, AEK Athena and of course the national team becoming European Champion”.

There are many Greek footballers in Eredivisie have you distinguished any of them?

“In AZ we have Hadzidiakos as a defender, a very good tough player”.

How has your daily lives changed with the coronavirus quarantine and what message would you like to send to the people?

“The corona virus is horrible for most people, we are very lucky people that we can we work at home, but we are one of the first who signed a contract during the corona period without shaking hands at such a great occasion. It is very weird not to play or watch games. It is our life…But we wish all the Greek people all the best and stay safe. We love your beautiful country”.

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