Sebastian Boenisch to “Austria can surprise at Euro 2024 – happy for Olympiacos!”

Former Polish international defender speaks out about his remarkable football career in an interview that has it all: “Dual nationality” successes, football memories of playing against Greek teams, good and hard times, current activities, even his spontaneous comments about current season’s big international tournaments including Olympiacos unprecedented triumph at 2024 UEFA Conference League! Ladies and Genltemen… enjoy Sebastian Boenisch exclusine interview to!

It’s an absolute honor and pleasure to present you our today’s …guest! He has left an exceptional mark international football, mostly in Germany! Sebastian Boenisch (born in Gliwice, Poland, 01/02/1987) played for important German clubs (Schalke, Werder Bremen, Bayer Leverkusen, 1860 Munich), played also in Austria (Floridsdorfer, Wiener Neustadt), participated in the final phase of UEFA Euro 2012 with Polish national team but also the Euro Under 21 trophy with …Germany (!) and crowned European champion!

37 year old Boenisch, now working as a football players agent, kindly accepted our invitation for an interview. He had to share memories (“glory days” at Werder Bremen and Bayer Leverkusen) including Greek footballers and teams while he also referred to the recent unprecedented conquest of Olympiacos in UEFA Conference League!

sebastian boenisch werder bremen 2009

Hello Sebastian! Thanks for accepting our request! First of all we would like to know how did you decide to become a football player. Was it something like a dream for you?

“Actually was born into a “sports family”, my father (Peter) played professional football in Poland, my mother (Gabriele) played professional handball in Poland as well. A big influence to start football was of course my father! But I loved to watch VFB Stuttgart with Elber, Bobic and Balakov which was great at that time and had an influence as well

sebastian boenisch werder bremen 2

Do you remember your first appearances as a Schalke 04 player?

“Of course I remember my first game in Bundesliga, it was the 7:4 against Bayer Leverkusen and it was an amazing feeling to play in front of more than 60.000 spectators. I think one week before I made my first game for the first team of Schalke in the UEFA CUP against Espanyol Barcelona in the starting eleven. I played with teammates like Bordon, Kristajic and Rafinha in the defense line!

It was amazing and these players gave me a good feeling from the beginning to play my game and it doesn’t matter what would happen in the game they would be there for me. I played 70 minutes I think and was subbed with standing ovation from more than 60.000 people! Amazing feeling!

werder bremen dfb pokal cup 2009

What do you remember from games against Greek clubs?

“Games against teams from Greece is always very emotional because the players and fans really love football which is great and I totally enjoyed. I remember the game against Panathinaikos in Athens Olympic Stadium. To be honest I was really… pissed of because I was not playing from beginning, but when I enter I made a beautiful cross for the 2:2 for Portuguese forward Hugo Almeida (few seasons later he joined AEK Athens, at 2016-17 season)”

boenisch werder bremen dfb pokal 2009

2009 was an important calendar year for you. First of all you won the U21 Euro in Sweden with the German U21 national team. Many of your teammates after fice years won the 2014 FIFA World Cup with the German national mens team!

“Hey! The U21 Euro in 2009 was really amazing! We won 4:0 in the final against England with great players at that time. Of course it was not easy to play with all this players together who won the World Cup 2014 in Brazil. I changed the federation to have the chance to play for my home country which was Poland. But to be honest, mentally it was not easy to see my former teammates celebrating the World Cup and not be part of it…”

sebastian boenisch werder bremen uefa cup 2009 final

A few weeks earlier you lost the UEFA Cup final in Istanbul (Shakhtar Donetsk – Werder Bremen 2-1)

“The UEFA cup final in Istanbul against Shakhtar Donetsk was one of the hardest days in my career! To reach a major international competition final  was a big big dream and achievement and every player could be glad to reach it ones. Unfortunately we lost that game in extra time 2:1. It was really hard for me to accept because I was just 21 years old at that time. But luckily we had another final a few days after which we where able to win against Bayer Leverkusen in the German cup final!” 75.000 spectators and one of the best games you can play. Amazing atmosphere in the stadium. To lift the trophy was beautiful after the game in Istanbul…”

alexandros tziolis werder bremen

That season you player with Alexandros Tziolis in Bremen…

“Yes! Alex was just a short time with us in Bremen but we had a good relationship and I met him a few months ago in Athens, I was pleased for that!”

boenisch schaaff werder bremen training

Your experience and comment about Thomas Schaaf? (former Werder Bremen manager)

Thomas Schaaf was for sure one of the best coaches in my career!  Not just because of his knowledge about football. Much more because of how he could handle players with different characters. And how he treated me during my injuries, it was very nice. Was always giving me the opportunity to play after four knee operations (!!!) is something I will never forget and always be thankful for!”

boenisch leverkusen

 And then… Bayer Leverkusen!

“Okay look! Bayer Leverkusen gave me the chance to get back to action! To play in the Bundesliga again after my very hard times. My contract in Bremen was not extended due to injuries, which I totally accepted. Finding a club like Bayer Leverkusen 04 was a big gift for me! And return on the highest level and play Champions League again, was really great!”

kyriakos papadopoulos leverkusen

Teammates with  Kyriakos Papadopoulos during your “Bayarena days” right?

“Exactly!  I ‘m getting the chance to send to him the best wishes! Such a funny guy and good person! Big achievement with Lamia this year to reach the top 6 of Greek Super League!”

greece papastathopoulos boenisch poland

Your memories about Euro 2012? You were in Poland’s starting line up and you faced Greece at the opening game!

“The opening game in the Euro 2012 was really amazing! What an atmosphere that was! Unbelievable! We should have scored more than one goal in the first half (1:0), Greece was better than us at the second half (1-1). During this tournament I played all three group stages games with… liquid inside of my knee and a lot of pain! But … come on,  it was the Euro final phase and I wanted to play so I can find a new club after Bremen. It didn’t work well for us and for me personally. I couldn’t play as good as I wished because of my knee and I was about a month without club after the Euro…”

olympiacos conference aponomi

I would like a comment about Olympiacos FC triumph at UEFA Europa Conference League…

“You know what? I was very happy for Olympiacos! Amazing achievement to win the UEFA Europa Conference League. Winning a European trophy in your own country makes it even more important and fascinating! What else can they wish! Happy for them!”

You think they deserved it?

“Absolutely!  Every team who is able to reach an international final and win it, deserves 100%  because it is so hard to compete against all these strong  and quality teams from Europe like Fiorentina and Aston Villa!”

olympiacos youth league 2

Here I need to remind you that Olympiacos U19 won the UEFA Youth League as well, winning AC Milan 3-0 in the final!

Amazing achievement really! It’s not easy at all to win the UEFA Youth League! To feel the pressure in such young age can help to handle all the thinks after. Football has a lot to do with pressure and they will feel it for sure. Especially in a club like Olympiacos where you need to win almost every game in the domestic League. Many congrats to these boys!”

uefa champions league real madrid 2024

Did you watch the Champions League final Real Madrid v Borussia Dortmund?

“I did! To be honest first of all I was supporting BVB (Dortmund) because there are a lot of players that I played with!  First half Dortmund was really good and had a lot of opportunities to score. BVB was a great opponent for Madrid. Unfortunately they couldn’t manage to score a single goal. And on the other hand you know Madrid doesn’t need much to score! This is the big difference in such a big game… Carlo Ancelotti is a …big big coach and winning five CL titles is amazing! And on the other side you have Carvajal and Kroos (both my former teammates in Bayer Leverkusen!) who won it six times!  Some players would love top lay six games in CL and these guys won it six times! Unreal!”

dortmund psg mbappe champions league

Mbappe to Real Madrid! What do you think?

“I think that the transfer of Mbappe will cause some problems in the locker room! I mean you have the best players there and then someone new comes earning like five times up comparing his new teammates,  this will cause some problems… You know what I mean… But of course he is a fantastic player! No doubt about this…”

atalanta bc winners europa league 2024

How about the Europa League final? (Atalanta v Bayer Leverkusen)

“Well,  I knew that it’s gonna be a hard game for Leverkusen against Atalanta. Because of the type of playing and all the pressure this game brings along. At the end Leverkusen was without chances and Atalanta deserve to win this game because they where absolutely in charge the whole time!”

leverkusen bundesliga winners 2024

But taking into consideration what Bayer Leverkusen achieved in Germany (double winners), what can you say?

“Sure, I have a word for the season of Bayer Leverkusen: Wow! What they achieved this season is unbelievable! To win the Bundesliga title, the the BFB Pokal (German cup) and claiming a possible treble (before the EL final) is… unreal!”

austria euro 2024 team

Regarding the UEFA Euro 2024?

“About the Euro it’s really hard to say and predict who will make it to win the title. Of course the big nations are always favorites. But there are many good teams. I think that Austria can surprise at this tournament, not to win the cup but at least to cause big troubles to the favorites! Let’s enjoy good football in this tournament!”

Final question Sebastian, what’s your current activity?

“My partner Bekim Jusufi and I are working together to built an agency for players and managers (Damir Canadi, Enis Cokaj etc) at the moment. I know how important it is to have someone dealing with all the thinks beside playing football. Players get injured or have hard times during their careers. We would like to help in all these cases and follow them till they quit playing football. It is a lot of fun to travel and meet new people from other countries and clubs. Because in football you never know what future can bring…”

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